Start Raising Awareness for Something You Care About

Start raising awareness for something you care about. One man asks people to care about ALS, and Facebook explodes with ice-bucket challenges. Meanwhile, 21,000 children will die today from poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses, and other related causes. Millions more won’t die today, but they suffer from one thing or another. Are their lives any less important than the lives of people who have ALS? Don’t get me wrong; if you care about ALS, then raise awareness about ALS. But also raise awareness about other things that you care about.

Among other things, I care about toxoplasmosis. This disease killed my beautiful, innocent nephew. I am not going to dump a bucket of ice over my head, but I have donated and will continue to donate to help prevent this disease.

While I’m on the topic of donations, everyone should know that charitable donations are tax-deductible. What this means is, the more you donate to causes that you care about, the less the government takes away from you to waste or give to causes that you don’t care about. So don’t whine and complain about where your hard-earned tax dollars go. Instead, reduce your taxes by deliberately choosing where your money is going to go. I’m not saying by any means that we shouldn’t keep our government in check by exposing how they waste tax money. I believe that is important, but let’s give the government less of our money to waste by choosing to donate where it will do the most good.

In addition to personal donations, we should all shop at businesses that donate portions of their proceeds to charity (preferably a charity that we care about). When businesses donate, not only can they do more to help the causes that we care about, but just like individuals, they also get taxed less as a result. The government gets even less money to waste when we deliberately take care of others in need.


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