Time to Start Blogging

I’ve finally decided what to use my blog for. In the past few months I’ve come across some pretty challenging tasks in my work. I find that when I discover a solution to a problem I’m working on, it’s generally the same problem that others have already dealt with. Nine times out of ten, the overall solution I end up with is a collaboration of others’ efforts. The tenth time, the solution is my own custom creation, having not found good enough examples. In all cases, however, I find that I come up with the best solution by talking it out.

So that’s what the majority of these blog posts will be. They’ll be my experience of a problem, the possible solutions I’ve come across, the solution I ended up with, and how I arrived at that decision. If I can’t explain it well enough, then chances are it wasn’t the right solution, and I may have to go back to the drawing board. I also hope to gain feedback through my posts of others’ experiences, whether I’ve helped them with my solution, or whether I’ve shown them what not to do and they can correct my flaws. So each post will be a learning experience, in one shape or another.

I’d like to make some connections through blogging, and to build some long-lasting friendships and/or business relationships. Please check out my about page to see if we have similar interests, and drop me a line if you’d like. Thanks!


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